Willful Ignorance

by Coert Coetzee

Willful Ignorance

Pension companies have admitted multiple times that about 96% of people contributing to their pension funds will not be in a position of financial independence at retirement, but still millions of people join their schemes every year!


The pension companies are using the Power of Willful Ignorance to sell useless endowment policies, savings plans and pension funds to you!

What is Willful Ignorance?

We all know elderly people who suffer financially. We don't want to know why they suffer. We don't want to get involved. Instead, we want to believe the pension companies with their shiny television advertisements of elderly people enjoying life in style!

Selling pipe dreams of financially free retirement to people is very cruel, but they are very successful with it because you preferred to not get involved with the “evidence” of elderly suffering all over the country.

They are getting away with it and you are going to suffer one day, because when you had your chance to ask questions, you preferred to look the other way.

Now you know what Willful Ignorance is!

Wikipedia says:

“Although the term was originally—and still is—used in legal contexts, the phrase "willful ignorance" has come to mean any situation in which people intentionally turn their attention away from an ethical problem that is believed to be important by those using the phrase (for instance, because the problem is too disturbing for people to want it dominating their thoughts, or from the knowledge that solving the problem would require extensive effort).”


Stop looking the other way!

Get involved with the truth. Talk to the elderly and ask them the difficult questions!

Then you'll realise why creating your own retirement fund with the Wealth Mastery System is the only way to do it right.

Did you know?

The bosses of the pension companies are on the Wealth Mastery System while their millions of clients are on their useless products!

Makes you think doesn't it?

See detail of the Wealth Mastery System on www.WealthMastersClub.com.



Since we sent out the reminder that it is financial year-end on 28 February, I received a strange complaint.

Somebody wrote to us and informed us that he is very unhappy with Destinata Accounting because since 2011 they did not submit any financial statements for his trust.

Goeie Genade! Goodness Gracious!!!!

My first response was: ARE YOU ONLY BECOMING AWARE OF IT NOW … 8 YEARS LATER!!!!!!!

If so, this person was a victim of his own WILLFUL IGNORANCE!

There is no way that you can completely forget about your trust for 8 years and then have the audacity to complain about Destinata Accounting when we remind you about a year-end in 2019.

Anyway, after receiving the complaint we investigated immediately and we discovered many unanswered emails from the accountant to this person. Emails requesting the bank statements and other documents required to draft the Annual Financial Statements. If this person did not suffer from acute WILLFUL IGNORANCE and contacted his accountant in 2011 already, the problem would have been sorted in 2011 … GUARANTEED!

What should you do?

Check now if your financial statements are up to date. If not, or if you're not sure, contact your accountant immediately. Maybe your email address changed, maybe your server moved his mails to the junk folder, maybe, maybe, maybe … maybe the accountant is useless – but, and this is a big BUT, you will never know what the problem was and how to fix it unless you stop ignoring your responsibilities wilfully!

If you did the above and you're still not happy with the service you received, contact services@wealthmastersclub.com

Lastly, accounting is a specific process of keeping financial accounts. Any accountant can do it. Any accountant can take over where another left off, because it is a process. A specific relationship with your accountant is not going to change the process. If an accountant leaves the employment of your accounting firm and another one takes over from that one, the process simply continues. So please don't get too attached to the person behind the accountant. He or she is not your friend and we don't want you to befriend them because that is when the process can become blurry and you will eventually be the victim.

Accounting staff are employees and employees come and go all the time. Therefore, don't waste time to befriend them, rather become friends with “accounting” instead of “accountants”!