by Coert Coetzee

They are either ...

"Good and Useless"


"Good and Effective"

During the last 40 years I have dealt with many accountants regarding my personal, business and trust accounts. I have dealt with good ones and bad ones, but mostly 'good, useless' accountants. My experience was that the bigger the accounting firm, the 'better' and more useless they become. 

By the way, Steinhoff used a very big firm!

So, what is a "good useless" accountant?

They are very good at doing the books. They might even be the best, but they are not savvy. They are not effective. You can even say they are ignorant bean counters!

For example, they will calculate how much tax you owe SARS, to the last cent – no auditor or actuary will be able to find fault with their calculations. So why would I call them ignorant and useless?

If they are not 100% familiar with the legal tax avoidance methods of the Income Tax Act, they are not useful to me, no matter how "good" they are!

With all the wonderful tax saving allowances of SARS, no person, especially entrepreneurs, has to pay income tax. You just need to know all the tax breaks and how to apply them. 

Our government, like most governments around the world, incentivise entrepreneurs in order to stimulate the economy, to provide housing, to create jobs and to do social upliftment. Our government, despite all its other faults, is no different. They've made many excellent incentives available to us!

Did you know?

  • Property developers can get 100% of their development cost back from SARS!
  • Property investors can get 55% of the cost on all their new houses back from SARS!
  • Employees can get their salaries 100% tax-free!
  • Business owners can get 100% of their profits tax-free!
  • Trusts can make 100% of their taxable income 100% tax-free!
  • Trusts are allowed to create easy bank financed tax-deductible losses!

Yes, you have to do certain things in a certain way to be able to get the maximum results. We call that "Certain Way" the Wealth Mastery System. It's a registered legal system established and registered on the 15th of August 1996 with the High Court in Pretoria.

In short, if you're paying tax, without any hope to ever get out of the tax trap, you are stupid – or rather, your accountant is stupid. But if you continue using that "good" accountant ... with all due respect ... you're the stupid one!

Obviously I'm not going to quote the applicable sections of the Income Tax Act here because I'm not going to train ignorant accountants. I'll rather introduce you to good, effective, registered specialists. They travel the world with me to attend all my investment seminars. If you want to meet them, come to the seminar and let me introduce them to you ... before 28 February 2019!

Time is running out! 

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Just imagine ... a tax free world!