New Online Course

New Online Course

As some of you might have noticed already, we published Edition 6 of our popular Online Course. The content is more or less still the same, but it is now divided into two sections, namely:

  • Wealth Mastery - 16 Chapters
  • Network Marketing - 2 Chapters

Let's discuss them individually:


This is the original course including the many updates over many years. Many members aren't interested in network marketing or starting their own investment club. They just want to do the investor part of the course, but with the previous versions they were forced to do the affiliate parts as well. Now it's a pure investor course.


This is now a course on its own. Affiliate marketers can go straight to it without having to battle through a lot of other chapters first.

Guys, I think the new layout of our training material will be very popular.  

Log in on, go to the Training button on the toolbar, and check them out!

Members who are currently busy with Edition 5 will only have access until 15 February 2019 to complete it. Thereafter, only Edition 6 will be available and anyone who did not complete Edition 5 will have to start with the new Edition 6.