by Coert Coetzee


Thanks to the phenomenal growth of our associates, the international Work Your Wealth Group, we are expanding our service network worldwide. 

After presenting our Wealth Mastery System last week to an international audience comprising of delegates from England, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore, we don't really have a choice. They WANT it and they WANT IT NOW!

As WYW's trust and property service provider of choice in South Africa, it's our duty to open our service network in all the other countries where WYW is operational, which are:

  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • England
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Slovenia
  • Vietnam

The reason for this mail is to ask for your assistance to identify the right service providers. Maybe you know firms or people in these countries whom you can introduce to us by email.


We are looking for small to medium sized registered accounting firms in these countries. Firms which can assist our clients with the setup and accounting of our unique trusts. We'll provide them with full training regarding our products and methods. 

We're also looking for reputable estate agents in these countries.

If you have somebody you can recommend, it will make our task so much easier because it's always better to work with recommended people.

Please send their contact details to services@WealthMastersClub.com 



Thousands of people in SA, the members of our Wealth Masters Club, know the answer to this question already – however, millions of South Africans still don't know because they are simply too stingy, lazy or ignorant to attend our training seminars. If you're one of those, I suggest you get yourself and your friends to a full day Wealth Masters Seminar ASAP! You don't want the whole world to make billions with methods you can use yourself!

On 23 January we are presenting it again in Midrand. See detail on www.WealthMastersClub.com and book your seat now!