by Coert Coetzee

Last week Cosatu, the ANC's alliance partner, proposed that tax on deceased estates ('boedels') should be increased from 25% to 50% without any exceptions or exemptions. Since the ANC is in serious trouble losing support because of its internal fighting and racist politics, this 'proposal' of Cosatu should be taken very seriously. The desperate ANC will probably do everything Cosatu demands.

This is serious!

If it happens it will hurt the insurance industry massively because it will render all their estate planning products and methods worthless with immediate effect. They 're worthless anyway, but a 100% increase in Estate Duty will expose their worthlessness more than ever.

The Wealth Mastery System is the only alternative for Estate Duty ('Boedelbelasting'). It is the only way to avoid it!

With the famous Double Trust Structure of the Wealth Mastery System, we don't 'plan' your estate ... we ERADICATE the 'deceased estate' completely because our specialised trusts cannot die. They live forever!

With our specialised and correctly drafted trust deeds, your assets will go to your heirs at zero tax and zero cost! ... Otherwise it goes to government, because no deceased estate can survive the following taxes and cost:


50% Estate Duty


 4% Executor Fees


18% Capital Gains Tax


10% Auctioneer Commission


82% Total Tax and Cost

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