New Wealth Masters Club Service Rating System

by Coert Coetzee

Service Provider Ratings


Our Service Providers can now be rated and we need you to rate them for us.

Have you noticed, publicly rated service providers are better than unrated service providers. That's why Uber and AirBnb, for example, are doing so well. The bad ones amongst their operators are dealt with continuously. Not just by their managers, but rather by their clients and Service Level Agreements!

Any service provider will do his/her best to avoid bad ratings, and the only way for them to do it is to KEEP THEIR CLIENTS VERY HAPPY!

On the home page of you'll find our Quick Links. Scroll down to Service Providers for a full list of our services and the accredited operators providing them.  When you click on the name of a service provider, a pop-up will appear where you may fill in your details, your message, query or complaint. If you log in before you click on the service provider's name, the pop-up will already be populated with your personal details.

After you submitted your message, the selected service provider receives it and will contact you. Two weeks after you submitted your message, you'll receive a mail from us asking you to rate your experience with the particular service provider.

Below is a list of our Service Categories. Click on them to see the names and ratings of the service providers in that category.

Ambassadors/Coaches - These Ambassadors/Coaches will take you by the hand and help you to get started with the Wealth Mastery System.

Trust Services - They will help you to set up and manage your Double Trust Structure to ensure full protection against creditors and governments.

Accounting Services - They will ensure your accounting is legally done in such a way to qualify for maximum tax and financing benefits in order to grow your trust or company faster than normal.

Risk Management - They will make sure you have the correct long-term and short-term risk insurance as required by the Wealth Mastery System.

Property Sales, Investments and Management - They will make sure you buy the right investment property in the right area and have it professionally managed for maximum returns.

Bond Originators - They will help you to get hassle-free financing and re-financing on your new and existing properties.

Section 12J Investments - They will help you to get excellent guaranteed returns from exciting alternative industries like for example renewable energy, hospitality, student accommodation and security. Investments are 100% tax deductible.

Other Services - These operators are partners in which we, as a club, have a financial interest.

Support- For any Member or IT-related queries, please contact our Service Departments.

It will greatly help us to improve our services if you alway give us an honest opinion.

Use them and rate them!


Coert Coetzee